Your Local News.  Your Business.

Current News Group (CNG) is building a new concept in online franchising.  Franchising the local news.  CNG is looking for business minded professionals and entrepreneurs in communities across America.  If your interested in learning more about what it takes to be a CNG Franchisee please contact us HERE.

Current News offers managed news websites centered around online local news, regional news, and national news.   Our cutting edge digital properties take full advantage of mobile and social technologies and require virtually no technical knowledge for the franchisee.  Owners can relax knowing that we take care of the website / technical side of the business and the only job they have is selling services to local businesses from our customized suite of advertising, marketing and web service products which include

  • online advertising
  • online guides
  • local business directories
  • local lead generation web sites

and much much more.  In addition to the CNG product catalog owners benefit from being included in our Current National Advertising Partner Network (CNAPN).  The CNAPN ads are sold by our corporate national adverting sales team and you simply collect money when the are running on your local CNG website.

Current News will be launching in all 50 states starting in 2016.

If you have ever wanted to start your own business, have an interest in local news publishing, online marketing and advertising a Current News franchise might be just what you need.  Our core product is a Current News website, very similar to the site your reading right now.  Current News sites provide owners with the opportunity to generate revenue online without having to know all the technical and administrative stuff required to make a world class website run and operate.  Our sites are built for today’s news readers.  They are socially optimized, easy to read, entertaining and ready to be shared by people in your community.

Why Local News?

Its simple really, no one is franchising the local news online and local online news makes money.  We are building the news of the future.  Its what people want to read, its what they care about.  The communities where they work and live, the things that impact their lives on a day to day basis.  News built and optimized for social media and mobile consumption.  Imagine having access to the news room of the future and a news team as powerful as your states largest paper or news outlet without having any of the overhead.  Imagine being able to produce the stories you want people to know about.  That’s publishing power.  That’s what your getting when you become a Current News Group franchisee.

Your new Current News franchise publishing business is backed up by professionals.  Our news team consists of publishers, writers, advertising executives, online marketers, social media experts, web developers and administrative staff, all working around the clock to make your local news site a success.  Oh, and you don’t pay these people, we do.  You just sell advertising and marketing products to businesses in your franchise area and collect shared revenues from our national advertising campaigns.

Why Franchise?

For us franchising was a no brainer.  It was the perfect recipe.  Our Current News Groups staff expertise combined with your knowledge of the local market and area is a win/win.